Endorsements for '40 Days in the Man Cave'

40 Days in the Man Cave - Todd Stahl
Working in a ministry that targets men, it’s refreshing to discover new material that introduces men to great devotionals. Todd’s new 40 Days in the Man Cave does just that! The message of men needing to get away to a place where they can be re-energized isfantastic! I believe all men would benefit from reading 40 Days in the Man Cave!
—Norm Bishop
Director of Men’s Ministry, Western Ontario District PAOC, Burlington, Ontario


I have had the privilege of knowing Todd for the past twenty years. He is a man of integrity who walks humbly before the Lord. It’s been said that the place of your greatest pain can become the place for your greatest potential, your greatest purpose. This is certainly true of Todd. As he looks back on times spent in his own cave, Todd shares how there is devastation in every place in life. God wants to bring a manifestation. In his book, 40 Days in the Man Cave, Todd reminds men that we were meant to be over-comers. Each devotional provides the encouragement men need to walk in victory.
—Rev. Nathan Albrecht
FGT Family Church, Leamington, Ontario


Appreciate Todd’s efforts in challenging guys to be quiet and still each day, to pause and reflect and listen, then make adjustments and move ahead with energy and excitement for what lies ahead.
—Mark Osborne
Former 14 year NHL player, Current Hockey Ministries International NHL Rep


I give Todd Stahl’s Man Cave a 10/10!
—Tim Arkell
Calgary, Alberta


A man needs another man to talk to him about the deep stuff. We have enough trouble hearing, enough struggle listening, enough resistance to responding, that unless another man clamps our shoulders, looks us square in the eyes, and gives us the straight goods, we could run from ourselves the whole day long. Todd Stahl is that man, and 40 Days in the Man Cave is that straight talk. It’s clear, fair, honest, and true. Have a listen yourself.
—Mark Buchanan
Author of Your Church is Too Safe

Praise for 'Water in the Desert'

Water in the Desert - Sherry Stahl
Sherry has experienced God’s grace in a way that has borne fruit. She is a woman of deep passion for Jesus, and this love has been her motivation to pursue the deep places in God’s heart. Sherry has a profound personal experience with God and she vividly couples her personal experiences with the Word of God. Her understanding will be an inspiration and instruction to many. I recommend this book.
—Gabby Mejia
Pastor and international speaker Orlando, FL


Sherry invites us to journey with her as she explores the tests and trials of biblical characters that also challenge us today. An overcomer herself, Sherry offers clear insights and a scriptural perspective that applies directly to our lives.
—Rev. Dave and Sue Wells
POAC General Superintendent decorator, author, and speaker


How beautiful is a timely word! Water in the Desert is over- flowing with the refreshing promises of God, offering hope for the weary traveler in a dry and barren land. With this study of Scripture and a look at her own journey through the Saha- ra, Sherry gives testimony of how streams of living water can bring not only survival but revival! The artistic touch of her husband Todd’s art creatively compliments the assuring mes- sage that God will provide His people with water throughout the deserts of life.
—Rev. Nathan and Rachel Albrecht
Lead pastors at FGT Family Church Leamington, ON


The destination is desired. The promises come from a faithful God. Water in the Desert is prepared for those who not only have experienced the real challenges of life, but found the trea- sure of needing God… of discovering the precious reality of dependency in Him! Join author Sherry Stahl as she candidly shares out of her own encounters with this living God! She opens up not only the possibilities of God’s faithfulness but also the way past common barricades that could restrict our access to His power and provision. Graciously she points out the pitfalls of the deceptive mirage, leading her fellow travel- ers on a pathway to true waters of refreshment, healing, and transformation. Break camp, grab your suitcase, and get ready for this shared journey into the abundance of references to the living waters found in the Word!”
—Rev. Peggy Kennedy
Author, international speaker and founder of Two Silver Trumpets


With deep insights drawn from experience, personal heart- ache, and recovery, Sherry brings us back to Father God as she offers down-to-earth guidance, help, and solutions to the ev- eryday situations we all face. It’s an awesome book that will be a great help to many!
—Sue Augustine
Motivational speaker and author of several books including When Your Past is Hurting Your Present and contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul

I have known Sherry for more years than I should say! Friends since childhood, I have seen Sherry go through the deserts in her life with tenacity and a faith firmly rooted in the Word of God. It is no wonder that she has written this fantastic, real, and practical devotional. Deserts are inevitable, so this devo- tional/workbook will be a tool you’ll use again and again. Mark and I count it a privilege to know Sherry, to have had her speak to the women as well as the congregation of our church, and to be among the first to read this devotional. She is the real deal!
—Rev. Mark and Andrea Giancola
Lead pastors of Maple Community Church Maple, ON


Sherry’s revelation expressed in Water in the Desert is reminis- cent of Jesus in conversation with the woman at the well in Samaria (John 4). Trying to quench thirst had brought much disillusionment into her life, and so it is for many today. May I commend Sherry’s well-outlined study of the only source that will ever satisfy! God created us to drink from the well of living water! Our souls will thirst as if in a desert until they find the parched thirst quenched from that spring!
—Rev. Donna Thorne
Director of Teen Challenge Women’s Shelter former director of Women’s Ministries, WOD PAOC Aurora, ON


Sherry’s book is a refreshing and practical guide for anyone who has a desire to soak in Scripture. She will guide you through Biblical stories and give you practical applications that will help you work through your desert experiences and find that fresh living water can miraculously flow in the desert!
—Joanne Goodwin
International speaker www.joannegoodwin.ca


Sherry’s first “desert bloom” is a beautiful one! Water in the Desert will refresh your soul, revive your heart, and renew your hope. Come. Drink. Believe. Your desert time really can turn into beautiful gardens!
—Kathy Mainse
Co-founder of World Embrace and former co-host of 100 Huntley Street


Without God’s Word I never would have made it through my desert. It truly is living water that infuses strength and hope into our souls, making each step not only possible, but pro- ductive! That living water transforms a desert into a precious place—a place you treasure and thank God for. Water in the Desert beautifully captures this truth. Drink deeply, my friend, and live!
—Sue Keddy
Author and Women’s Connection Director, WOD PAOC