Pastors, 89% of your church members are in real need!

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Statistics show that only 11% of Canadian Churchgoers read their Bibles daily. We want to provide you with tools to help change these statistics, one church at a time. Our TAKE THE 40 DAY CHALLENGE CHURCH CAMPAIGN will motivate your members to engage in daily devotions and set them on a course for spiritual growth!

We’re passionate about seeing men and women across Canada digging into daily devotion time. We believe just 10 minutes a day can, and will, change their lives.
1. Choose.
Choose which Church Campaign Toolbox best suits your church.
2. Introduce
Introduce the Campaign to your church using the promo video and scripts provided.
3. Books
Have your people choose a book! 40 Days in the Man Cave inspires men to recharge their faith within the cave!
Water in the Desert will leave women spiritually refreshed!
4. Start.
4. Start your 40 Day Challenge!
Watch the Promo Video
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