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About 40 Days in the Man Cave

40 Days in the Man Cave - Todd Stahl
40 Days in the Man Cave is geared for young adults and men of all ages. In particular, guys who are interested in reading ‘real life’ not fluff. This devotional is for guys who want to grab this book, find a place where you can go and relax, get comfortable, kick back and take just a few minutes each day to laugh, read and become better men, husbands, fathers and friends.

What is it about? The book is about the importance of finding a place and making it your own sanctuary. Inside you will find 40 devotionals that are funny, challenging, raw and personal. ‘Man Cave’ revolves around a man named Jesus. A man who needed his own space as much as we do today.

Why did you write ’40 Days In The Man Cave? I wrote the book because I truly believe having a relationship with God can change your life. Some devotions are based on tough lessons I learned in my own life. Others are amazing, intriguing stories uncovered within the bible that are absolutely relevant today for men. I figure if Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut can eat 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes to win a National Hot Dog eating contest, surely us guys can find 10 minutes during the day to spend with God in your own Man Cave!

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About Todd

Todd Stahl
For Todd, Art has always remained that ‘dream’ he has continued to pursue. Todd was involved in a family run business for over 20 years, but the search was there to do something more related to his gifting. taking steps towards pursuing his dreams, Todd became a firefighter in 2004. Moving closer to the heart of his dreams, Todd has rekindled his passion for Art.

His desire is to continue creating thought provoking pieces of art. Todd has completed a number of commissioned projects and recently had his art published in a collaboration with his wife Sherry, providing the illustrations within her devotional with study guide ‘Water in the Desert’.

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About Water in The Desert

Water in the Desert - Sherry StahlDry, Dehydrated, Thirsty?


Inside this devotional you’ll find 40 exciting biblical examples of how God provides Water in the Desert. Sherry will guide you on a journey through scripture and self-discovery that will lead you into victory! Travelling the desert road, you can reach your destination refreshed and rehydrated, ready to let those streams of living water flow out of you!

Great for Personal or Group Bible Study! There’s a Study Guide at the back, so you can dive in deeper. Each devotion has accompanying workbook style pages located in the Study Guide at the back of the book with Soaking Scriptures and Starting To Swim exercises to help hit home the point of each devotion.
WATER IN THE DESERT will be the roadmap to help you travel through the desert and enter your Promised Land.

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About Sherry

Sherry StahlSherry is host of the Soul H2O Radio/Podcast Show, author, and International Speaker, Certified with the John Maxwell Team, author of Water In The Desert & the Soul H2O Devotional taken, from her refreshing blog. She’s a fun, passionate Bible teacher whose desire is to lead others to the life-giving Water in the Word! Her weekly Soul H2O devotions bring refreshment to the soul. She’s the Canadian Ambassador for Christian Women In Media Assoc. (CWIMA). Sherry’s a race car enthusiast, happily married to her artist hubby Todd Stahl, author of 40 Days In The Man Cave. Todd & Sherry are co-founders of TAKE THE 40 DAY CHALLENGE. A program to enhance or help build the habit of personal daily devotions; for Individuals and Churches.
Together Todd and Sherry have 4 kids between them with Bookend Brandons, The oldest is Sherry’s son Brandon, next is Todd’s daughter Morgan, followed by Sherry’s daughter Shelby and Todd’s son Brandon. The kids are all ‘recently adults’, making Todd and Sherry ‘recently’ empty-nesters!

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Authors of Water in the Desert & 40 Days in the Man Cave,
invite you on a journey to go deeper with God.
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Authors of Water in the Desert & 40 Days in the Man Cave,
invite you on a journey to go deeper with God.
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