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 Dry…Dehydrated…Thirsty?  Come Take A Refreshing Drink From Water In The Desert!

This Devotional with Study Guide was written to help you find the refreshing water in God’s Word that will hydrate your spirit as you walk through the deserts of life.


The 6 Sections will be your roadmap to help you travel through the desert and enter your Promised Land VICTORIOUS!

1-WATER FOR THE WEARY (Hagar’s Desert Refreshing)
2-WATER PARTING (Crossing The Red Sea)
3-WATER IN THE WANDERING (God brought water in the Desert)
4-WATER CROSSING (Crossing Jordan River into Promised Land)
5-WATER THAT GROWS GARDENS (Gardens from Wastelands)
6-LIVING WATER (Refreshed to Overflowing)

The devotionals will take you from dehydrated, through the process of rehydration, to the point where you are overflowing with living water that refreshes others!

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